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Chapter By Laws

Bernardo de Gálvez, Chapter # 1 Patriots

The following patriots are all traced by lineage to our chapter members.
All contributed to assisting in creating independence for this great nation.
Starred names were first presented.

*Cornelius Adriance
members - William L. Adriance, Zachary L. Adriance
*Nehemiah Allen
*William Bentley
*William Blandford - member - George Emmanuel Blanford - service in Maryland
Amariah Bonham - member - Gene Shaner - Amariah received a Land Grant in Pennsylvania from the General Assembly of Maryland for his service in the Revolutionary War
Peter Bonham - member - Gene Shaner - Public Service of Oath of Fidelity in Washington Co. Maryland
Daniel Burt Sr. - member - Gene Shaner - Scout for Major Wisner;s New York Troops
*Thomas Byers
*William Cage
*Allen Chapman
*Samuel Clark
*William Winn Cockerham - members - John R Loper, George Edward Loper, Jarrod Wesley Loper - jr members -Aidan Napone Minor, Jonah Calvin Loper, Caleb Houston Loper, Austin Travis Loper, Henry Wesley Loper -Jr., Thomas Benjamin Loper - William served as a soldier in the 10th and 14th Virginia Regiments - Continental Line
*Augustine Comer - members - Jeffrey S. Lenes, Jared S. Lenes - Augustine served in the 12th Continental
*John Cordell
*Charles Cosby
*John Cousins
*Frederick Dague - member - Donald Wayne Schwarz - Frederick served as a private in the Washington City Militia in Pennsylvania
*Arthur Dashiell - member - Dalton Redman - Arthur was 1st Lieut. 1st Battalion MD Militia
*Edward Davis
*Louis De La Houssaye
*Manuel Dersheimer - member - George Dersheimer
*John Dickey - member - Ralph W. Stenzel, Jr. - patriot served as a private in the South Carolina Militia
Elisha Estes - member - John R Loper
*Mason Foley - member - Larry Dean Tidwell - patriot served as a captain in the South Carolina Militia
*Henry Daniel Gindrat - member - Robert Elton Gindratt - service in South Carolina
*Nathaniel Gott
*Donald Grant
*William Gulley
*John Hamlin - Member - John Hamlin - patriot served in 2nd Connecticut Continentals, Gays Regiment
*James Hobart
*Michael Holderbaun
*Joseph Junkin
*John Kilbourne
*Joseph Landry - Member - Robert E. O'Bryan - patriot was Corporal in the Attakapas Militia, 1st Company under the command of General Bernardo de Gálvez
*Nathaniel Lawrence
*Alexander LeGrand - Member - Clark P Wright - patriot contributed supplies to Virginia
*William Leaycraft
*John McFall
*Alexander McMillan
*James Means - members - Russell Wayne Minor, Jr., Robert J. Carter, Kyle M. D. Juel, Tyler J. D. Juel - jr. member - Aidan Napone Minor - James served from Pennsylvania
*Arthur Middleton (Signer of the Declaration of Independence) - member - George Keller Cheney
*James Miller
*Robert Hiram Miller
*David Murphree
*John Parker - member - Marshall Alan Parker - John served in Virginia
*Calvin Preston
*Joshua Prouty
*Francis Richie
*Jose Santiago Seguin -member- Albert Seguin Gonzales - Jose born in Spanish Texas donated his cattle plus gathered the loose range cattle from the open country side and a trail boss drove them to Louisiana. He in turn gave them to the Spanish army for their consumption who were aiding the Americans that were fighting the British. "An army does not travel on an empty stomach."
*Matthias Shaner Sgt. -member- Gene Shaner - Matthais enlisted Dec 1776 under Capt. James Sullivan, 13 Regiment, Virginia. Commanded by Col. William Russell
Charles Shipley PSMD; member - Gene Shaner Public Service MD- Signed the Maryland Oath of Fidelity
Richard Stone - member - John R Loper - Richard served for Virginia
*Daniel Thomas
*Gilbert Thornton
Rueben Thorp (Thorpe)- member - Gene Shaner Private 1st Regiment Middlesex County, New Jersey Militia; Private 2nd Regiment Sussex Co. New Jersey Militia
*David Vance
*Richard Tidley Wells, Jr. - Member - Andy Lee McGlothlin - Wells performed Patriotic Service - Pennsylvania
*Samuel Whatley